Tourmaline: a versatile elegance

Tourmaline: a versatile elegance Tourmaline is undeniably beautiful, and well known for its timeless grace throughout the jewellery world. Tourmaline is considered to be the most multi-coloured mineral group, exhibiting a wide variety of captivating colours—from deep...

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Mohs hardness scale: gemstone vulnerability

Mohs hardness scale: gemstone vulnerability While diamonds may be considered gemstones that stand the tests of time, the same might not be said about softer gemstones such as fluorite, a beauty that would need more care and protection in a jewellery piece. Knowing a...

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Morganite: the new belle

Morganite: the new belle Morganite; fresh, gorgeous, and considered to bring compassion and assurance according to the world of gemstone lore. Morganite is the subtle pink cousin to beryl emerald and aquamarine, earning its charming peachy colour due to the presence...

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Aquamarine- Birthstone for March

Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, symbolizes loyalty, honesty, and beauty. Aquamarine is a pastel stone that is greenish-blue in color. The name is derived from Latin, meaning "sea" and "water." Hues range from a nearly colorless whitish- blue to a rich teal, but...

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How I Design

The  design  process  can  take  many  different  forms  for  me.  Because  I  work  predominantly  with  the  CAD  design  system,  I carry  my  laptop  close  by  my  side.However,  the  design  has  to  leap  off  the  screen  at  some  point  to  become  a...

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